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For a moment, we ask that you suspend your disbelief and embrace a time when the Mercury Sable was cool. Anyone over the age of 30 can probably remember enough of the late 1980s to know this car wasn’t just cool, it was freaking futuristic and awesome. Still, we don’t recall anyone ever asking if they could get it in a convertible.

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Apparently, someone did. Not only that, it was a person holding a position of some influence in the auto industry, because this unique 1989 Mercury Sable wasn’t built by some schmuck with a sawzall and too much spare time. It’s a proper Ford concept vehicle built for the SAE International Congress and Expo back in 1989, with noted custom fabrication shop Cars & Concepts in Brighton, Michigan handling the heavy lifting. As such, this is a fully-functioning drop top Sable, complete with a hard tonneau cover that stows the big roof when down.

Sadly the Craigslist posting for this car doesn’t offer much in the way of history, but if the backstory at is accurate, this car somehow managed to escape the crusher and was eventually given a special VIN, allowing it to be titled and registered. To handle the extra mass of the convertible components, it utilizes the same rear suspension from the Sable wagon, which also allows for extra room to accomodate the roof. And though it was built on a standard four-door Sable chassis, custom body panels were fabricated and front doors were lengthened by a foot to make it a proper two-door.

Mercury Sable Convertible Concept

The current ad makes no mention of ownership history, though with only 9,800 miles listed on the odometer it’s obviously spent most of its life in storage. The car is currently listed for sale in Austin, Texas, presumably at a dealership since the seller mentions managing a dealership in the area. The asking price is $15,900, which honestly sounds fairly reasonable considering the uniqueness of this car. We’ll ignore the suggestion that it could be valued at $400,000 under any circumstances, especially since the seller apparently isn’t motivated enough to even take decent pictures of it. 

It’s undeniably awesome in that it even exists, never mind the work involved in building it. But the car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and unique doesn’t always mean desirable – or valuable. We won't call this curious creation ugly, but the proportions definitely say this platform was never intended to be a topless two-door. Still, we suspect there's a buyer out there somewhere who will find this bit of Blue Oval history interesting enough to make an offer.

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