We are on the ground in Geneva to bring you the best shots of the show. However, you can beat a good video though to bring a concept to life.

This is a newly released Video for the Geneva launched Renault Megane Coupe concept. We brought you the main release and article yesterday but the video adds a little life to the great still images our guys have collected while on site at the Geneva Motorshow.

The concept is said to provide a little clue as to where Renault may be going with their Megane range in the future. The new Megane will have a hard act to follow as the current car brought a huge dash of Euro chic into what was a somewhat unexciting category.

Don’t expect the road version of the new Megane to resemble this futuristic display though. Perhaps the general shape and form will be similar but the 21-inch wheels and tyres may not make it onto the forthcoming family hatchback. Saying that, Renault has brought some futuristic designs to production in the past such as the Vel Satis, so who knows? For further information and images, please see the “Renault Megane Coupe Concept Unveiled” article to the right in the Related Content box.

Enjoy the Video.

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