The Supra's slow strip tease continues. It's lights have a beautiful shine.

New spy photos provide the first look at the next-gen Toyota Supra testing with its production LED headlights and taillights for the first time. The parts are have an angular appearance that provide an aesthetic departure from the body’s rounded lines.


Toyota Supra Spy Photos

Each headlight features groups of three, stacked LED projectors. The strip for the running lights runs across the lower edge. Looking closely, an exposed section at each exterior corner reveals the turn signal. Camouflage still hides a portion of each unit, so there might be additional elements to the lights that aren’t visible in these photos.

Toyota Supra Spy Photos

The mostly exposed LED taillights feature rounded, illuminated triangles with horizontal strips closer to the center of the vehicle. Imagining the body without so much camouflage, it seems like these pieces would accentuate the Supra’s width.

Toyota should unveil the concept for the next-gen Supra very soon at the Tokyo Motor Show. The production model will debut in spring 2018, and it’ll feature Gazoo branding in reference to the automaker’s motorsports division, recently learned

Full powertrain details remain a mystery, but BMW-sourced engines are part of the lineup, including a turbocharged four-cylinder and inline-six powerplant for the United States. So far, there's no indication of an available manual gearbox, but information continues to trickle out about the upcoming model.

Shigeki Tomoyama, president of Gazoo Racing, teased the possibility of a hybrid to, too. “Hybrid technology will be necessary for the future sports car. It’s not just about prioritizing efficiency, but speed too. The key challenge we need to overcome is controlling the energy flow, the regeneration and keeping the weight low."

Source: Carpix

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