Norwegian imported for Porsche cars, Autozentrum Sport AS, has decided to decrease the output of the Boxster and Cayman, in exchange for reduced import taxation.

According to BilNorge, the entry-level Boxster will only produce 211 hp instead of 255 hp. Likewise, the Cayman will also be detuned to 211 hp (down from 265 hp).

While this sounds tragic, there is a logical explanation behind it. Norwegian import taxes are partially based on a car's horsepower and CO2 emission ratings. With the reduced output, the Boxster receives a stunning 88,000 Norwegian crown ($15,621 USD / €10,524) cut while the Cayman costs 106,000 crowns ($18,819 USD / €12,677) less.

Oddly enough, Porsche is claiming the weakened cars are just as fast as the usual models. A manually equipped Norwegian Boxster can run from 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, while the Cayman can do the same task in 5.8 seconds (cars equipped with the PDK transmission are 0.1 seconds faster). The company also says the top speed remains unchanged (263 km/h for the Boxster, 265 km/h for the Cayman).

So what's crazier, the performance hating Norwegian import taxes or Porsche's claim that 44-54 hp can magically disappear with no ill effects?

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