News from Geneva is telling us that Hybrid drives and see through roofs are going to all the rage in the future.


You got to love how Automotive Designer Houses such as Guigiaro build up to large Motorshows like Geneva. Take their just released Quaranta concept car for instance. They have been painstakingly trickling out sneak shots of this concept for the last few months. Compiling all the sneak preview shots together, anyone with a reasonable imagination could join the dots as it were, and imagine what the whole car would look like. So when it comes to the official release, people’s reactions may lack the “wow” factor. Good job our guys are on site in Geneva then to bring you our own wicked shots of this wacky design.

Following what appears to be a well trodden path at this years show for boutique designers and manufacturers, the Quaranta features a Hybrid system under its futuristic panels. The package is sourced from Toyota, who along with Honda seem to be pioneering the Hybrid concept to the world of late. Based on Lexus’s RX400h Hybrid crossover, the powerplant uses a 3.3L V6 which combines with Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive system and a CVT transmission. In total, 268hp and 288Nm of torque help to propel this concept past 100kph in around 4 seconds. The vehicle looks a little low but don’t worry, the Quaranta’s trick suspension can raise the vehicle by up to 230mm to overcome speed bumps. All the major mechanical componentry is contained within the cars wheelbase to give the Quaranta great weight distribution.

The roof is opaque and is cleverly designed as it incorporates solar panels which power the cars interior electrics and charge the batteries. Enjoying the panoramic view through the roof are up to 3 adults and one child sat in a configuration not unlike the McLaren F1’s.

Gallery: Giugiaro Quaranta concept unveiled at Geneva