A leaked document gives new insight into the Lotus Evora platform, and its suitability as an EV and a Roadster. Could it wind up on other marquees, like the Elise?

A document leaked out from Lotus provides an inside look at the company's Evora platform.  The vehicle platform will be safer in crashes, require less maintenance, and is meant to be more versatile.

The document makes reference to a possible electric unit, powered by a 200 kW rear-mounted motor running on a 71 kWh air-cooled battery pack.  Vehicle range is estimated at 230 miles.  A version with batteries mounted under the seats is also being considered, in order to provide room for four passengers.  Also strongly indicated by the document is the platform's ability to be used as a roadster.  An Evora convertible has been hinted and speculated for a late-2010 release. 

With the use of the Elise platform by other automakers, it stands to reason that Lotus is considering selling the Evora platform to third parties.  It is capable of sustaining up to 1,900 kilograms, and can be adjusted as necessary to accommodate electric and hybrid platforms.  Currently, the Elise platform is used as the basis for the Tesla Roadster.  It may also be the base of the Hennessey Venom GT.

According to the document, the "Evora is larger, more refined, [and] more suitable than [the] Elise for every day use but still pure."  With higher seating positions, it will be positioned as the "Logical next step for maturing Elise owners," yet below the "high status" Esprit.