We don’t know about you, but us here at Motor1.com have a soft spot for wagons. Be it a humble Skoda Octavia Combi or this bonkers Panamera Sport Turismo E-Hybrid, we’re suckers for anything that has four wheels and a long roof. While you won’t find any press releases issued in Stuttgart that say “wagon” since the folks from Porsche prefer the term “Sport Turismo,” at the end of the day, it’s a wagon.

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Terminology aside, the Panamera is undoubtedly one of the most desirable new cars money can buy. Not only does it look good, but it’s seriously quick, luxurious, and quite practical. But if you’re still not convinced, give Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur a call to customize the high-performance hauler right down to the color of the air vents. Indeed, the purple car shown here has color-coordinated air vents for those hard to please and willing to pay the premium that comes with this high level of personalization.

Porsche is asking no less than $188,400 for the Panamera Sport Turismo E-Hybrid before you start playing with the configurator, but the Amethyst Metallic paint is going to set you back an extra $3,310 since it’s labeled as a special color. You’ll be spending an additional $1,540 on those black 21-inch wheels. The wheel center caps with a colored Porsche crest as shown here are included, but for other sets of wheels it costs $190.

From Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur come the painted model designation ($220), glossy black door handles ($350), tinted taillights ($840), and the black SportDesign Package ($6,080). This particular car also has the black window trim in high gloss black ($590). Inside, the bespoke division will be more than happy to paint the air vents in purple for a cool $2,330.

These costs add up to almost $204,000, but you can easily spend more than that as there are a ton of options to choose from that will increase the final price tag to a whopping $270,000 with all the possible kit included (excluding accessories).

This purple Panamera wagon follows another special project from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, a Macan Turbo with the Performance Package adorned with cosmetic tweaks inside and out.

Photos: Porsche

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