If this sets a legal precedent, every single driver in the world is guilty.

Did you know that in Montreal it’s apparently illegal to sing in your car? You read that right. Singing. In your car. Something every single person who’s ever been in a car by themselves – or possibly with friends during a road trip of epic proportions – has done. Never the less, we’ve come upon this crazy story from CTV News that a man was slapped with a freaking $149 fine because he was rocking out behind the wheel.

Ticket for singing

According to the report, Taoufik Moalla had left work early and had also just dropped his kids off, meaning he had an empty car and an afternoon off – two things that would prompt just about anyone to sing. That’s especially true if your jam comes on the radio, and Moalla’s song of choice was C + C Music Factory’s thumping dance tune Gonna Make You Sweat.

He was headed to the store while apparently reliving the 1990s a bit too emphatically, because four Montreal police officers pulled him over and asked if he had been screaming. He said he was just singing, but they still hit him with a fine of $149 for screaming in a public space. The report says the Montreal police have no comment on the case, but that “officers are generally not in the habit of giving out tickets for nothing.” Because, that never happens. 

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Perhaps Moalla wasn’t just singing, but you know, really getting into the song. We’ve all seen that person on the road ripping intense air guitar solos, or belting into an imaginary mic in what can only be described as an American Idol audition gone terribly wrong. In such situations, we could see a possible concern for distracted driving. Then again, Moalla doesn’t exactly sound like a tenor in the above video, so perhaps the cops felt they were performing a public service by silencing him.

In any case, Moalla said he was polite during the stop, and that he’s contesting the ticket. We hope he wins, because even the worst case of in-car karaoke doesn’t deserve a $149 fine.

Source: CTV News, 2


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