Ken Block is well-known for his automotive antics, particularly behind the wheel of his 1,400-horsepower (1,043-kilowatt) Hoonicorn Ford Mustang. Following the success of his first nine Gymkhana videos, the racing driver and drift celebrity has been spotted with a camera crew on the streets of downtown Detroit.

Two new videos show Block thrashing the Hoonicorn V2 near the Cobo Center on the John C. Lodge Freeway, and in a more rural area near a park. According to The Drive, the first video (seen above) was shot on sidewalks adjacent to the Cobo Center, and shows the modded Mustang driving in the opposite direction multiple times, as well as drifting the exit, and speeding through a tunnel. Camera crews can be seen behind a barrier across from the exit, and a drone is pictured flying just above the car. 

The second video (seen below) is far less telling than the first, and shows Ken Block’s car surrounded by barriers and police cars, drifting through the streets of downtown in front of an abandoned train station, and near a park. The video is just 51 seconds long and only gives us a brief look at the car in action. 

It’s unclear whether any of this footage will be part of a new Gymkhana 10 video, or if will used be for something different entirely. Hoonigan Media Machine, the company responsible for the previous Gymkhana videos, said in an interview with Crain’s Detroit last week that it would be shooting footage for Ford Motor Company. "We’re here trying to promote Ford products in the city where it all started," said executive producer Diego España in the interview.

Another possibility could be for commercial footage for a new Forza Horizon video game. Ken Block’s 1,400-hp  (1,043-kW) Mustang is seen with multiple Forza Horizon stickers in the video – you may remember that Block’s vehicle was made available to drive in the last installment of the game. 

Source: YouTube

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