A lighter, more affordable plug-in hybrid from a new UK firm has been presented at a British Science Festival. The multipurpose hatchback has its sights set on Europe, placing emphasis on recycled materials and exceptional fuel efficiency.

Axon Automotive, a newly-established British car company that aims at manufacturing Europe's most fuel efficient vehicles, has unveiled its first stab at a plug-in hybrid, the Axon hatchback. Previewed at the Milton Keynes Science Festival in the UK, the Axon employs revolutionary manufacturing techniques and an innovative concept to achieve a light and affordable multipurpose 2-seater vehicle.

By reducing kerbside weight with specially manufactured carbon fibre technology and taking away the need for a bulky battery by way of plug-in technology, the Axon is significantly lighter than competing models, while a suitably aerodynamic body helps at lowering emissions and maximising fuel efficiency. A figure of 100 mpg has already been mooted.

Efficiencies don't stop at fuel economy and emissions. Stressing carbon fibre's status as a recyclable material, the Axon hatchback re-works recycled jeans and pin-striped suits into 'designer' seating.

Unlike the majority of manufacturers and advertising houses, Axon Automotive wish to be clear about emissions 'generated' - if not at the point of use then at source. Axon's math equates to a figure of 50g/km of C02 for a mix of electric and petrol driving - taking into account an average of the smog ejected from the UK's power stations. Nonetheless, it will still qualify as a zero-emissions vehicle under road tax rules.

The Axon hatchback is expected to be rolled out 2011 with full production following by 2012 at selected small factories across the UK and across Europe.

British Plug-In Hybrid Unveiled