Porsche's product plan spanning the next four years has allegedly been uncovered. Its makes for an interesting read but very few surprises are listed.

Autocar appears to have come into Porsche's future plans. The following is a supposed outline of what the company wants to bring to market.

The year 2010 sees the arrival of the Panamera V6 turbodiesel. Since this is an entry-level car (price is speculated at about £60,000) meant to be frugal, it will probably not use AWD but send power to the rear wheels.

The Volkswagen-borrowed engine could be re-engineered and updated so it can also be adapted to the next-generation Cayenne which gets a more curvaceous look like the 911 for 2010. The SUV will feature some engines from the Panamera including direct-injection V8s and a full parallel hybrid. The latter was approved last year but only joins the lineup in 2011.

By 2011 Panamera should be a well-established name and ripe for a hybrid. A similar system to the Cayenne hybrid is likely but without the AWD burden. While the US could get a V8 hybrid, Europe will probably opt for the smaller V6 alternative.

The summer of 2012 welcomes an all-new 911 which will share very little with the current car. Longer and wider, the sports coupe will also be more powerful and more fuel-efficient than ever.

The Cayenne finally gets a smaller sibling in 2013. Rumoured to be called the Roxster, this compact SUV will share Audi Q5 underpinnings and maybe engines. The same year a brand new entry-level Porsche arrives to see the Boxster/ Cayman range move more upmarket.

Having spent quite a substantial amount developing the Panamera, Porsche is keen to spread the platform around and recoup its investment. Possible strategies include creating another model as well as a two-door Cabriolet. Should the board approve we could see it in 2013 as well.

*Pictures shown include spy images and artist renderings previously published.


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