German tuner adds 45 hp to the RS's already formidable 300 hp going through the front axle.

One could argue that the Ford Focus RS already has too much horsepower going through the front axle but Loder1899 thinks it may need a little more.

The Ford Focus RS is already the most powerful hot-hatch in its class, with its 2.5 liter, turbocharged 5-cylinder engine doling out a remarkable 300 bhp. But now German tuner Loder1899 has added an extra 45 horses for the front wheels to grind away with.

The specialized Ford tuner also provides a new stainless-steel exhaust system, in a Y-pipe form and fitted with a silencer, that deepen the sound of the already rumbling production RS. According to Loder1899, the new exhaust system alone adds 20 horses to the RS's performance. A new air filter and other fidgeting account for the rest.

A suspension-lowering of 35 mm is also part of the tuning package. Loder1899's own 20-inch "Vertigo Viginti" wheels are included too.


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