They represent the latest models in Buick's continued expansion into the competitive Chinese market.

General Motors continues to stretch its legs in China with Buick. The automaker has beefed up its presence with the new mid-size GL6 multi-purpose vehicle, a minivan-ese family machine based on the Opel Zafira Tourer. The six-passenger GL6 offer three rows of two-up seating, with Buick claiming third row occupants get as much leg room as those up front thanks to it's long-wheelbase design and independently adjustable seats. 

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Feature wise, the GL6 offers a host modern tech for both safety and in-car entertainment, depending of course on which of the three trim levels you choose. Support for Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife is available, along with cloud-based speech recognition for real-time navigation and a panoramic sunroof.. Power comes from a 1.0-liter Ecotec mill that generates 92 kW, or approximately 123 horsepower. A 1.3-liter engine with 120 kW (161 hp) is also available, but as you might expect, neither option instills the GL6 with much vigor.

Joining the new MPV on Chinese roads will also be a proper station wagon. Called the Excelle GX, it will boast roughly 45 cubic feet of cargo space in addition to seating for five, all wrapped in a package that’s not unappealing.

2018 Buick GL6


With the success of Buick’s larger GL8 MPB, the automaker is striving to get as much market share as possible in this highly competitive market. It’s very unlikely we’ll see U.S.-bound version of either the GL6 or GL8, though the Excelle does share DNA with Buick Verano. If the GL6 were to make it across the pond, it would start at around $21,800.

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Buick Bolsters Its China Lineup with Midsize MPV and Wagon

WUHAN – Buick today launched a new member of its portfolio, the GL6 midsize multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). It also launched a new wagon – the all-new Excelle GX – as well as the upgraded 2018 Excelle GT, 2018 Verano and 2018 Verano GS.

New Comfort and Convenience for MPV Segment

The GL6 was introduced to enhance the brand's lineup and cater to customers who want a family-sized vehicle. Retaining the design essence of its sibling, the popular GL8 MPV, the GL6 combines the aesthetics of a sedan with the flexibility and functionality of an SUV, and the comfort of an MPV. It satisfies the multiple mobility needs of today's growing families thanks to its 2+2+2 seating configuration, flexible interior, efficient power and segment-leading intelligent technologies.

With a 2,796-mm wheelbase, efficient layout and broad panoramic sunroof, the GL6 boasts class-leading space and an unmatched field of view. Its second row offers ample headroom and knee room, featuring the same independent seats with armrests as the GL8. Seats can slide forward and backward by up to 210 mm, and the angle of their backrests can be adjusted by up to 30 degrees.

Thanks to a cozy two-seat bench with a tall, thick backrest and long cushion, as well as a segment-leading quadrangular side window design and abundant knee room, third-row passengers enjoy the same comfortable ride as those up front. The GL6’s second- and third-row seats can be laid flat, for greater practicality and flexibility than other models in its class.

New-Generation Mid-Range Vehicle Family

Led by the Excelle GX, an all-new multifunctional wagon, Buick's new-generation mid-range vehicle family will make its debut this year in China. The Excelle GX features an eye-catching design with its wing-shaped LED headlights and taillights. The flowing silhouette created by a delicate lighting effect highlights Buick’s styling.

The wagon also boasts a class-leading wheelbase of 2,640 mm and a roomy back row. The volume of its trunk can be expanded to 1,281 liters, which is triple that of a traditional sedan. Ideal for daily commuting, traveling with friends and carrying cargo, the Excelle GX provides a new option for those who are pursuing practicality.

The 2018 Excelle GT builds on the Excelle GT nameplate’s success. It comes with automatic LED headlights, which are not common in its segment, cloud-based eConnect technology, standard electronic stability control (ESC) and Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA).

As a quality benchmark for mid-range vehicles, the 2018 Verano and 2018 Verano GS now sport a wing-shaped grille, while the sedan variants offer automatic LED headlights for the first time. Both models have a fashionable and dynamic appearance and an interior design comparable to that of upper-medium sedans, to provide customers a high-quality daily driving experience.

Technology Sets New Benchmark for Family Car Segment

The GL6, Excelle GX and 2018 Excelle GT are equipped with GM's recently announced 1.0T and 1.3T Ecotec dual injection engines. The 1.0T engine generates maximum power of 92 kW and peak torque of 170 Nm, while the 1.3T engine produces maximum power of 120 kW and peak torque of 230 Nm. The 2018 Excelle GT offers expected combined fuel economy of as low as 5.1 liters/100 km.

The connectivity systems in these vehicles support Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife, and enhance cloud-based speech interaction and real-time road condition navigation. Based on the latest natural voice recognition system, the speech interaction system allows users to search for destinations and points of interest, and seek information about weather, stocks and more.

In addition, AutoNavi's real-time navigation system supports dynamic route planning, which helps Buick users avoid traffic jams. The system also supports map downloading and upgrades as well as online software upgrades. OnStar's new-generation full-time online assistant allows Buick users to enjoy a diverse range of functions via the blue OnStar button and mobile phone app.

Available in three variants with six exterior color schemes, the GL6 is priced between RMB 144,900 and RMB 166,900. Led by the Excelle GX, Buick's new-generation mid-range vehicle family offers 21 trim levels that cover a price range from RMB 109,900 to RMB 185,900.