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A small, British car company is laying claim to the Top Gear test track lap record.  The only problem, is that Top Gear was not involved.

Ultima Sports alleges they made requests to Top Gear producers through the years to challenge the current record holder, the Ferrari FXX.  With those efforts supposedly falling on deaf ears at the popular television show's offices, company execs decided to take things into their own hands.

Setting up their own private run on the same Dunsfold airport course Top Gear uses, Ultima brought the GTR720 to Surrey, England.  Using a Chevrolet V8-engine that produces 720 horsepower, the GTR720 finished the lap in just 1 minute, 9.9 seconds.  That time is 0.8 seconds faster than the previous record, set by Michael Schumacher in a track-only Ferrari FXX.

Although modifications were made to the car, Ultima claims it was still street legal unlike the FXX.  The test is said to have been verified by independent parties.  No word yet on how many attempts Ultima made.  And no, that is not the Stig in the driver's seat.

The question is, "How will Top Gear respond?"

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