Rinnspeed unveiled the sQuba marine road car at Geneva 2008. The go-anywhere-near-and-into-water car has 3 engines. 007 would be proud!

When other automakers and tuners are green up to their faces, Rinnspeed has chosen to go deepest into the traffic congestion and CO2 emissions problem. By displaying and demonstrating via video their sQuba concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show Rinnspeed is teaching James Bond a thing or two about “scuba-driving”. That term doesn’t exist, I’ve just made it up.

sQuba is a sports car which often gives that sinking feeling, if you know what I mean. You don’t? Ok. sQuba is one of those amphibious motor cars, the type you drive on a road, on the ocean, under the lake…It may be a thing of the future for now, but Rinnspeed is confident the future is quite near.

Powered by three engines – one for on-road driving while the other two take care of the diving – sQuba’s main problem according to its makers, was making it swim like a fish under water. You would have thought it would be tough enough just waterproofing the thing!

Leaving the top down in design was deliberate, done for safety reasons where the idea was if passengers got into trouble while under water, “escape” would be much easier than it there was a roof. Besides that, a closed interior would have increased the car’s mass so dramatically such that it would sink once and for all. Better fix the rear view mirrors in the future, in case the ocean tries to pull a Jaws on you. By the way, all those pipes behind the seats are for use when in dive mode.

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