Britain's first supercar club has re-emerged from bankrupcy, and plans to offer jilted members some of this year's most-sought after cars.

P1 has resurfaced following administration hearings and restructuring that began earlier in the year.  Britain's first-ever supercar sharing program which previously peaked at 240 members will relaunch later this year.

Unfortunately, many members will be forced to resign with the club, forking over more cash against an annual fee.  However, P1 founder Michael Breen says the firm has a plan to deal with the impending grievances.

"...[T]he first thing we did was to offer them all their tier points back when they rejoined," Breen said.  The club gives members a certain number of points every year that drivers can exchange for a supercar rental.

"If they come back they will be able to transfer all their benefits and unused mileages on top of their new annual quota."

Currently, P1 has three packages priced at £9250, £12,250, and £14,250.  Some of their cars include the Aston Martin DBS, Ferrari 430 Spider, and the Nissan GT-R.  They already have a Ferrari 458 Italia, McLaren MP4-12C, and Mercedes-Benz SLS on order.

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