Before getting your hopes up too high, a fourth Back to the Future movie is not happening, so the DeLorean DMC-12 time machine is not being replaced by a Chevrolet Corvette of the C6 generation. What we have here is a nasty crash that occurred recently in the city of Buftea located near Romania’s capital Bucharest.

As you can see, the little red Corvette decided to jump onto the railway and do its best train impression. The ‘Vette is in a pretty bad shape judging by these photos of the aftermath showing the sports car with a cracked windscreen, the hood up in the air, and the front bumper mostly detached from the body. Also noticeable is the damaged roof and the deployed airbag on the driver’s side.

And now to explain what actually happened. It seems the Corvette was involved in a street race with a green F-Pace. The Jaguar’s driver knew the road and hit the brakes before entering a difficult corner. As for the person driving the C6, he put the pedal to the metal without being aware of what was up ahead. Then disaster happened, but thankfully he managed to get out of the car safe and sound after jumping over a couple of train tracks.

You can imagine the impact was quite powerful taking into account the author of the images says two meters of the platform were damaged in the process and a section of the rail was actually ripped apart by the car.

As if you needed another reason to understand why racing on public roads is a stupid thing to do, this wrecked Corvette perfectly illustrates it. The driver was lucky enough this time around and hopefully he has learned his lesson and will head to the race track from now on to satisfy his need for speed.

Photos: Bogdan Iosifaru

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