Ford has a new Fiesta ST; VW has unveiled an also new Polo GTI; Peugeot has been selling a 208 GTi for years; Toyota is joining the hot hatch game with the Yaris GRMN. What does Citroën have? Well, nothing for the time being. But don’t fret as the company with the double chevron logo will likely spice up the B-segment even further with a road-going version of its C3 WRC.

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Company boss, Linda Jackson, is keen on the idea of a connection between the rally car and the eccentric supermini available in showrooms. That being said, Citroën’s head honcho admits such a model is not hugely important for the brand right now and it will only happen if it will manage to stand out from the crowd: “it can’t be soft and it’s got to be credible.” The firm’s product boss, Xavier Peugeot, has been tasked to come out with a rally-inspired C3 that will meet the criteria.

If it will eventually receive the stamp of approval, the high-performance derivative won’t be all about power as it will feature what Xavier Peugeot describes as being “other Citroën ingredients,” with an emphasis on comfort.

Gallery: Citroen C3 VTS render

The C3 is already an interesting choice in its segment thanks to its funky exterior design and a distinctive interior. A beefy version putting the WRC expertise to good use would make it stand out furthermore, though we have a feeling it won’t come out in the near future since Linda Jackson mentioned it is “not relevant for the positioning of the brand.” Should Citroën be assaulted with requests from potential customers, it might speed up the process and bring the car on the market sooner.

If approved for production, the model in question could perhaps be a good opportunity to bring back the “VTS” suffix?

Render: Virtuel-Car

Source: Autocar

Gallery: 2017 Citroen C3 WRC

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