Bland on bland on bland.

As automaker’s attempt to shove more even features and more luxury into the cabins of their lowest trim vehicles, one company is doing the exact opposite – at least for one market in particular. First images of the base Volkswagen Polo for Germany have been released, including shots of the dreadfully boring interior.

To be fair, this is the lowest Polo trim you can buy in the region, and starts at just €12,975 ($15,300) in Germany. There’s no air conditioning and it comes paired to a standard five-speed manual. The dash is finished with no buttons, no infotainment screen, and black plastic on nearly every inch. It’s boring, but admittedly not the worst setup we’ve ever seen.

2018 VW Polo Base Model
2018 VW Polo Base Model

On the outside, things are just as drab. The Polo’s new design is admittedly sharper than the outgoing model, and includes updates to the fascia, rear, and side profile, but standard 14-inch wheels, and a basic grey paint job don’t do the new design any justice. This base Polo Trendline comes with a 75-horsepower (55-kilowatt) three-cylinder engine.

Thankfully, those buyers that do have a bit of extra cash on hand won’t have to settle for this blasé base model. A range of 14 different exterior colors, 12 different wheel color options, and 13 different dashboard decorations – with two different trim options – will be available to buyers. The two cabins pictured below, for example, feature orange and red accenting trim, a sharp contrast from the base model pictured above.

2018 VW Polo
2018 VW Polo

The new Polo will also be available with as many as nine different engine options, ranging in horsepower from 65 to 200 (48 to 149 kW) in the hotted-up GTI variant. Overall the Polo grows wider by 2.7 inches (7 centimeters), longer by 3.1 inches (81 millimeters), and rides on VW’s new MQB global platform. So, if bland and boring isn’t your ideal Polo, don’t worry, there are plenty of unique options to choose from. The new Polo starts at €12,975 ($15,300) in Germany.


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