Subaru's diesel boxer engine, a first for the motoring world, has been introduced for visitors of the Geneva Motor Show. Turns out it's torquey. Very torquey!

Subaru’s entry into the diesel market was marked at the 78th Geneva International Motor Show with the introduction of a 2.0-litre turbo diesel boxer engine. The engine, the world’s first production diesel boxer, is aimed squarely at the Euro market and will launch there first before elsewhere.

Applied directly to the Legacy / Outback range, the horizontally-opposed turbo diesel mates with Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system. Having first glanced at the power figure of 100kW at 3600rpm, I doubted Subaru had reached their goal this time around since similar-sized benchmark motors typically produce about 120kW. But the torque figure set things right, coming in at 350Nm from 1800rpm. That’s more like it. Anyway, diesel is more about torque than horses.

A variable nozzle turbo charger is the one to credit for that torque. Subaru are quite the experts when it comes to getting the best out of power spinners. Rarely though, has Subaru produced a vehicle capable of more than 500km on a tank. There is a first time for everything as they say.

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