Pictures and details of the Honda Civic Type R Mugen inside. The special edition vehicle gets 235 hp!

British tuners Mugen Euro will build up to 20 units of Honda Civic Type R Mugen, a "road-legal super hatch."  The car will receive 240PS from the 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine, a 20% gain over the untuned version.

"Each Type R MUGEN will be an exclusive, hand-built race car for the road," said Mugen Euro VP Hiroki Toyoda.  "When we launched the Civic Type RR saloon in Japan, we sold out of all 300 units in just six minutes. Given the interest we have already had from car enthusiasts in the UK and abroad, we hope to repeat that achievement."

The car will be hand-built in the U.K., with engineers installing new camshafts, pistons, intake, and exhaust.  The car has a limited slip differential, a nice feature for some of Great Britain's windier roads.  Forged alloy wheels weigh only 7.85 kilograms per wheel, and cover four-piston racing caliper brakes.  The company wrapped the wheels in "track-ready road-legal" tires.

Each Type R Mugen will be coated in Championship White, Honda's racing color.  Exterior features include a new rear wing, and composite front and rear skirts.  A custom grille, with Mugen badge, was also installed.  Inside, Recaro seats were used for the driver and front passenger, while the rear seat bench was stripped out altogether.

To get your hands on one of these cars, prepare to spend £38,599.  That price includes taxes, fees, and paperwork.  You can read more about the Honda Civic Type R Mugen in the press release below.