Smart is hailed the CO2 champion amongst production vehicles with its Smart mhd only emitting 88g/km of CO2 on the combined cycle, just 3.3L/100km.

Smart have had a very low key Geneva event but they do have a world premier. It may not be a completely new model, but Smart still believe their new “edition limited two” is significant enough to display at the Geneva Motorshow.

The edition limited two Smart will be a limited build run of only 2000 models and will be characterised by unique colours and high quality materials. It gets all the bells and whistles which is surprising for a car so small. Heated leather seats, 3 spoke leather steering wheel, paddle shift transmission, air conditioning, leather floor mats along with various other aesthetic tweaks combine to make a very luxurious little cabin. The exterior of the edition limited two is identified by its special light blue metallic paintwork.

The big news however is the introduction of the “micro hybrid drive” (mhd) which is said by Smart to consume 8% less fuel on the combined NEDC (New European Drive Cycle). It manages this feat via an innovative stop/start feature. Essentially the engine turns itself off when the vehicle is stationary at traffic lights or in a traffic jam and restarts when the driver releases the footbrake to move off.

This system when combined with the Smarts advanced 45hp Common Rail Diesel engine ensures that the mhd Smart is the CO2 champion of production cars. Emitting just 88g/km of CO2 on the NEDC is remarkable even for one so small and this correlates to a real world fuel economy figure of just 3.3L/100km.

However if you want a little more performance but still want to keep a check on the fuel bills, Smart are also showing their fortwo BRABUS and BRABUS Xclusive which comes equipped with a 3 cylinder turbo petrol engine which puts out 98 hp and 140Nm. This allows the BRABUS Smart to hit a 100kph in 9.9 seconds while still only consuming 5.2L/100km on the NEDC.

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