We know the BMW M2 is a terrifically fun car. For many enthusiasts, it inherited the performance mantle from the classic M3 as a lightweight, nimble, all-around grin-inducing machine. Last year, tuning company Manhart celebrated its 30th anniversary by infusing Munich’s pocket rocket with more horsepower – considerably more power. The first iteration of Manhart’s M2 only made 450 horsepower from its tuned 3.0-liter V6, but that wasn’t enough of a jump so the company swapped in the biturbo mill from the M4 and upped the ante to a full 630 horsepower. Thus, the MH 630 was born.


That was over a year ago. We don’t know what may have been done to the gold Bimmer since then, but Manhart decided to let the world know the car is alive and well with a quick trip around everyone’s favorite circuit, the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Since we see a full roll cage with racing seats and five-point harnesses, we’re going to assume some additional tweaking has been done.

The video was posted to the company’s YouTube page a couple days ago, and it seems the car still has no problem accelerating to warp speed. Unfortunately we don’t have a complete lap time since the run occurred during normal track operation, which requires drivers to stop at the end of each circuit. What we do have is the bridge-to-gantry time, which checks in at an impressive 7:35. Top speed was 250 kph, or about 155 mph, reached just before Schwedenkreuz early on in the lap. And it appeared the car still had plenty of speed still to go.

With one mile exactly between the two checkpoints, adding another 20 seconds or puts the MH 630 around the Nordschleife in under eight minutes, and that’s still not taking into account the slowdowns from traffic on the course. That’s an estimated time of course, but it’s still a seriously impressive lap for pretty much anything, never mind an M2.

Source: Manhart via YouTube   

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