Ample legroom for passengers sitting in the back is still a huge deal in China where a multitude of sedans are being offered with an extended wheelbase. Other body styles have received the LWB treatment as BMW is selling a stretched X1 crossover while Volkswagen has an elongated Touran minivan. Not to be outdone by its rivals, Jaguar launched last year the XFL and now it has taken the virtual wraps off the smaller XEL.

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Created to bridge the gap between the standard XE compact sedan and the midsize XF, the new XEL carries over the design of regular version. You can tell it has been stretched by checking out the bigger rear doors as a result of a extending the wheelbase by 10 centimeters (3.9 inches), which now measures a generous 2.93 meters (115.3 in.) or slightly shorter than the XF’s 2.96 meters (116.5 in.)

It will have to put up a good fight against segment competitors such as the Audi A4L, BMW 3Li, and the Mercedes C-Class L. Like those three rivals, the new Jaguar XEL will be produced in China to cater the local market. The Chery Jaguar Land Rover joint venture will be in charge of assembly and will fit inside the engine bay a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine offered with 200 and 250 horsepower.

To make the most of the longer body, the XEL tailored to the People’s Republic will feature a large panoramic roof. Additional details are not available at this point, but the roomier sedan might receive a rear-seat entertainment system with a pair of tablets as well as other goodies to further distance itself from the standard XE without stepping on the XF’s toes.

Jaguar could bring the new XEL to the 15th Guangzhou Motor Show scheduled to take place beginning with November 17th until the 26th.

Source: Jaguar

Gallery: 2018 Jaguar XEL

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