Rumors have indicated the possibility of a small, affordable sports car from Honda, and fresh statements from Stephen Collins, director of Honda Australia, have added more fuel to that fire. While nothing is certain yet, it’s clear that there’s a desire for such a vehicle from within the company. 

“Type R is a hot hatch and if there’s another type of sports car that becomes available to us, say if it was a convertible or something that could come in at around $30,000 [Australian dollars], that would be very desirable for us,” Collins told Car Advice.

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Collins specifically ruled out this vehicle being wider availability of the S660, which is currently exclusive to the Japanese market. He cited issues with adapting it for regulations in other territories and the constrained production.

“But if a small, sporty car like that became available to Honda Australia we’d definitely stick up our hand for it. Sadly, the S660 is not an option for us,” Collins said to Car Advice.

Reports in 2015 suggested that Honda was considering bringing a version of the S660 to the United States. At the time, the firm’s U.S. vice president said the company was "looking at it intently for North America." The automaker allegedly intended to install a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine rather than standard 660-cc unit for a boost in power.

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We might get a glimpse of what a small, sporty Honda could look like when the Sports EV Concept debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show. There aren’t many details about the vehicle yet, but the company’s teaser hints at retro-inspired styling that might take cues from the 1960s S600.

Several patents and design registrations have suggested Honda’s development of a new sports car. With the NSX covering the top of the range, a less expensive model makes the most sense for the next sporty addition to the lineup.

Source: Car Advice

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