Thanks to McLaren’s Special Operations division (or MSO), one very lucky, very wealthy customer will be taking home two McLaren vehicles unlike any other. The marque today has unveiled two bespoke supercars: an MSO R Coupe, and an MSO R Spider, each based on the 650S and fitted with a number of unique features.

The two supercars are the latest in a growing lineage of MSO-tuned vehicles, and come with the same external, internal, and mechanical specifications. Power is delivered via a 3.8-liter biturbo V8 producing 679 horsepower (506 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque – a healthy bump from the standard 650S' 641 hp (477 kW). A new titanium exhaust system with a "crossover" muffler has also been fitted, giving the supercars a unique sound.

McLaren MSO R Spider
McLaren MSO R Coupe

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All that newfound power is paired with a dramatic-looking exterior. New elements like the front bumper, hood, louvered fenders, roof scoop, side mirror casings, and rear decklid were all crafted out of MSO Visual Carbon Fiber (VCF). New five-spoke wheels finished in satin black on the coupe, and gloss black on the spider have also been fitted.

The exterior of both cars is finished in a handsome Liquid Silver, with unique Delta Red pin striping features found on the front splitter and side blades, while MSO R branding can be seen throughout the exterior, specifically on the splitter, side skirts, door sills, and rocker panels. The interior follows a similar custom-colored theme.

Gallery: McLaren MSO R Coupe / Spider

The cabins of both cars come wrapped in Alcantara, primarily in black with red accent stitching on the dash and steering wheel. The steering wheel also features a carbon fiber upper and lower portion for added performance feel. The seats, meanwhile, run opposite the dash, and come finished in red Alcantara with black accent stitching. The MSO R logo is also embroidered prominently in black on the headrests.

The package is finished off with an MSO R-branded key, a bespoke IRIS screen, and instrument cluster displays with gear-shift lights. The two cars are identified by unique plaques identifying them both as McLarens designed by MSO. The company doesn't say how much these two one-off builds cost, but if you have to ask...

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One customer will shortly be taking delivery of two unique McLarens, created to his individual specification by McLaren Special Operations (MSO).  Called the MSO R Coupé and MSO R Spider, they are the latest in a lineage of McLarens produced as personal commissions, a service that sees the customer working closely with MSO to agree the direction, scope and specification of a project.

“An MSO Personal Commission is the highest level of partnership between a customer and McLaren Special Operations, undertaken to design, develop and create unique interpretations of McLaren cars, expertly tailored to meet the exact requirements of the owner. A typical MSO Personal Commission extends beyond paint colours and materials and finishes to encompass changes to body and interior design and also dynamic and powertrain enhancements as required. The result is a McLaren personalised by MSO to become a car that is literally one of a kind – or in the case of these stunning MSO R cars, one of a matched pair.”

Jolyon Nash, Executive Director, Global Sales and Marketing, McLaren Automotive

One of the first McLarens commissioned at this level was the McLaren X-1. Unveiled during the weekend of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2012, the X-1 was produced for an anonymous buyer, which is not unusual for a personal commission. McLaren Special Operations is currently seeing an increasing number of customers enquiring about bespoke and unique cars.

The two MSO R cars, which have the same external, internal and mechanical specifications, are finished in a striking yet understated Liquid Silver – the Coupé in satin and the Spider in gloss finish – with a carbon fibre central stripe. Immediately identifiable as a matched pair, both have the same design of twin-element rear wing, with front dive planes to further enhance aerodynamic performance.

The front bumper, bonnet, louvered fenders, roof scoop and rear deck are all MSO Visual Carbon Fibre (VCF) components, as are the side mirror arms and casings and wiper scuttle.  Pinstriping in Delta Red features on the front splitter and side blades, while the splitter, side skirts, sill panels, rocker panels and plenum cover carry MSO R branding.  The wheels of both cars are the same 5-spoke design, finished in satin black on the Coupé and gloss black on the Spider.

The interior design of the cars is arguably even more distinctive than the exterior.  Both cabins feature Alcantara® trim material throughout. Primarily in black with red stitching, the theme is reversed for the seats, which are red with black stitching and feature an MSO R logo embroidered in black on the headrest.  The steering wheel has a carbon fibre upper and lower, with black Alcantara® grips and a Delta Red centring stripe.  Switches are in gloss black and vent mechanisms are satin black, with bezels in carbon fibre.

This MSO Personal Commission did not stop at visual and design changes.  The engines of both cars have been blueprinted and the heads and exhaust ports hand-polished, helping to give the M838TL twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine maximum power of 688PS (679bhp) and up to 700Nm (516lb ft).  The exhaust system, which has a ‘crossover’ muffler to increase pipe length and optimise gas flow, features titanium end pipes.

Started with an MSO R-branded key, both the Coupé and the Spider feature bespoke IRIS screen and instrument cluster displays and gear-shift lights.  The final visual touch is a dedication plaque on each car identifying them as McLarens designed to an MSO Personal Commission, taking them from being a rare car to a unique one – or in this case, a unique matched pair.

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