TaxTheRich, is that you?

We haven’t seen a new bonkers supercar video from TaxTheRich for over a year now. We aren’t saying this curious screenshot pulled from an Instagram video originates with the notorious YouTube supercar slayers, but all the ingredients are there. By ingredients, we of course mean dirt, grass, mud, skinny stretches of pavement, unbroken forest land, and a collection of fabulously expensive machines which seldom even see daylight from beneath a custom-fitted cover, never mind layers of slimy earth.


The video was posted to Instagram by carpicseurope, and what can be said that isn’t shown in shocking (and admittedly fun looking) detail? When a Lamborghini Countach is the least exotic and expensive ride of the bunch, you know you’re dealing with some serious automotive superstars. For those too squeamish to watch, this clip features a vintage Miura with the aforementioned Countach, a LaFerrari, and a pair (yes, pair) of Bugattis. It’s not the Veyron Grand Sport that really gets us in the feels, but rather the exquisite and often overlooked EB110, of which just 139 were built.


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The video starts out with the all-star lineup ripping out of a forest onto a skinny stretch of concrete, fishtailing and throwing multi-million dollar rooster tails of dirt and sod. Or rather, that’s how the Lamborghinis and Ferrari begin. The Bugattis enter what appears to be the same stretch of concrete through a mud bog more befitting a series of ratty pickup trucks at the Saturday night sippy hole. Once all cars are actually on a hard surface, well, we actually don’t really know what happens next. The video ends with the two groups of cars accelerating down the concrete, presumably approaching from opposite directions.

As we said, this has all the makings of a TaxTheRich video, right down to the landscape and ultra-exclusive cars  getting unbelievably dirty. Could this be a teaser for a soon-to-be TaxTheRich adventure? In either case, we at least hope the cars got proper detail after all that excitement.

Source: carpicseurope via Instagram


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