Daihatsu Deca Deca Concept car gives Japan its workstation on wheels in a funky, minimalist albeit boxy package.

Daihautsu have showcased their new Deca Deca Concept car - workspace on wheels - at the Tokyo Motor Show. Form is undoubtedly a slave to function, the one-shoebox exterior design every bit as harsh as its minamalistic interior. This does however allow for the Deca Deca to become a workstation in little effort. Both rear seats are able to swivel or fold alongside a fold-down 36-inch flatscreen monitor and desk, while the front passenger seat can rotate for a mini conference space.

While taking the office on the road may not be to everyone's liking, the ute come people mover has large, pillarless fold-out doors in addition to rear door access, allowing for multiple purpose use and, potentially, reduced mobility users. The Deca Deca - "toolbox for active people" - likewise allows for storage of dirt bikes and surfboards.

Packing a 1.3-litre 3-cylinder turbo engine through the front wheels and mated to a CVT transmission, the Deca Deca may not quicken the commute, but it certainly has Tokyo talking. A production version minus the expensive hardware could be in the works.

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