An act of selfless bravery, or just a dumb thing to do?

Car fires are generally bad. When they happen at a gas station, that’s worse. We’ve seen it happen before, but whereas people usually run or drive away from the flames (and rightfully so), we’ve never seen someone drive into the fire. That is, until now.

We don’t know much about this brief-but-intense video that appeared on Live Leak yesterday. The location is listed as Saudi Arabia, and the vehicle in question appears to be a late model Toyota Land Cruiser. That is, the vehicle doing the pushing is a Land Cruiser. The vehicle on fire is anyone’s guess, as it is most definitely fully engulfed in flames.


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Now, at this point you might expect some words of praise for the person behind the wheel of that Toyota. Common sense tells us that walls of fire are on the list of things to avoid at all costs, so we’ll give the driver points for having some guts. We'll give more points, however, for being batshit crazy because we suspect this situation looks much worse than it actually was.

For starters, the flaming car doesn’t appear to be in close proximity to the fuel tanks, or the building for that matter. Uncomfortably close perhaps, but if the car stayed put we suspect the extent of the damage might have been some smoke stains on the outside of the building. Also, we’re not sure of the laws in Saudi Arabia, but a fire suppression system should’ve activated if the car was under the pump awning, which apparently it wasn’t. Yeah, the car could’ve exploded but the Land Cruiser only pushed it a few feet further away, which we suspect would've made absolutely zero difference in such a situation. If anything, it all could've been much worse if the Land Cruiser had gone up in flames as well. Judging by the burning left front tire as it backed away, that almost happened.

Was it a gutsy move? Sure, but we’re not convinced it helped in any way at all. In other words, don’t ever try this at home. Ever.

Source: Live Leak, Eyodosali Yojoy via YouTube


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