You should feel less afraid of self-driving vehicles now.

Intel and Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James have teamed up to create a short video promoting autonomous technologies for the future. The basketball player will also be featured in several other video and online campaigns supporting the self-driving program of the Silicon Valley company.

"The campaign is part of a multi-pronged trust initiative, which includes research and development to build better human-machine interfaces, extensive garage lab testing, and studies that explore people's feelings and attitudes towards self-driving cars," Intel explained the idea behind the campaign in an official statement.

Intel autonomous projects:

During the video spot, James takes a short ride on the backseat of an autonomous vehicle and seems to be really enjoying it, judging by his charismatic smile. Told that the car’s sensors and radards allow it to “see 80 times better than you,” the basketball player simply concludes “I’m keeping this” at the end of the clip.

“Society’s fear of driverless cars is somewhat baffling to me,” Intel’s vice president and general manager of automated driving Kathy Winter commented. “Given that car crashes attributable to human error cause more than one million vehicle deaths every year, it’s those human-driven cars people should be afraid of. Yet all of us today get behind the wheel and simply trust that the cars coming toward them in the opposite lane will stay where they’re supposed to. From my point of view, unless those are self-driving cars, we should all be terrified.”

Intel and Mobileye
Intel and Mobileye

Intel is one of the leaders in autonomous cars development, after acquiring Mobileye for roughly $15.3 billion back in March this year. Mobileye is specialized in autonomous vehicle technology, including computer vision, machine learning, mapping, and data analysis. The division will also work in cooperation with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and BMW to bring a self-driving car on the road by 2021.

Source: Intel

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