Lotus are no longer content being the Elise motor company and are building the range with the Europa and now the new Eagle.


Lotus have a chequered past. They have always produced fabulous handling vehicles virtue of their engineering talent and low weight models. Lotus’s problem has always been funding. Also, Lotus have never benefited from truly stable management virtue of the fact it’s had as many owners in recent years as it probably has had models.

It appears at present under the helm of Mike Kimberley and Lotus’s current owners, Proton, that its enjoying a period of relative stability. Lotus have recently expanded its range to cater for federal tastes with its Europa model an it now sells the Elise in the US as well.

Building on this success it has long been rumoured that Lotus have been working on a model to slot in above the Elise/Europa platform. Here before you on this site is cold hard proof that development of this model, which is codenamed “Eagle”, is well advanced. The Eagle is said to be powered by a mid mounted Toyota 3.5 L V6 running through the rear wheels. The beauty of using a mainstream manufacturer’s engine is that these units are usually able to pass the most stringent emissions legislation around the world. This frees up Lotus’s engineers to concentrate on other aspects of the car like suspension, handling and crash worthiness. Lotus previewed a piece of the new Eagle concepts front chassis module at Geneva a few days ago. Expect the whole Eagle to premiere at July’s British motor show. 

Lotus may have a chequered past but it is also one laced with brilliance. Lets not forget this little sportscar maker won the Formula One World Championship seven times. Given heritage like that, if Lotus can start producing products that are relevant again, it is certain to build a business that will hopefully ensure Lotus gains a much more secure future. Now that’s something keen drivers all over the world would raise a glass to.

Gallery: new Lotus Eagle spied - on Ice

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