The next person to complain about "today's youth" needs to watch this video.

Yes, we live in very stressful times. Yes, people are angry. But for crying out loud – who in their right mind would think it’s okay to demand entry to a school bus loaded with kids, then grab onto the front of the bus and punch the hood when the driver refuses? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Leverne Ardin Doran – a 68-year old resident of Nottingham, Maryland and recipient of Motor1’s asshat of the day award.  


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According to WBAL TV 11 in Baltimore, Doran got angry when a bottle was allegedly thrown at his vehicle, presumably from someone on the bus. The incident occurred around 3:15 p.m. last Thursday, when the bus was transporting students from Loch Raven Academy. It’s not known if the bottle actually struck his vehicle, or if it in fact did any damage at all. What is known is that Doran thought it prudent to get on that bus and let his unchecked temper run rampant on a bunch of kids. After all, there’s no way to easily identify a big yellow school bus with numbers on the outside. If the bus drove away, there would be no way for Doran to avenge this heinous act.

Fortunately, the bus driver was having none of it. After unsuccessfully using his dad voice to force the door open, the old-enough-to-know-better senior climb onto the front of the bus and began banging his fist on the hood while shouting demands, even as the bus driver continued to drive. Because you know, climbing on a moving vehicle to throw a temper tantrum sets an even better example for children to follow.

The report says the driver was slowly driving towards a police station when an off-duty officer saw what was happening and jumped in to take care of things. Suffice it to say, Doran is now facing a list of charges that include disorderly conduct and destruction of property. As for the kids, they pretty much sounded like kids on the video, raising a ruckus while the unexpected passenger unleashed his tirade.

Whether or not a bottle was actually thrown isn’t known, but also, who cares? Yeah, kids need discipline, but in what kind of bizarre world would it ever be okay to let a complete stranger on a bus full of kids, never mind a pissed-off old guy wearing a trucker hat. Bravo to this bus driver for keeping his cool, and keeping his kids safe.

Source: WBAL-TV, MassLive via YouTube


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