Usually, when a tree falls on a car it’s pretty much game over for the car. But then, a Volkswagen bus isn’t really a car, is it? Granted, this particular model is bent up aplenty, and with some strategically applied coats of yellow and orange could probably pass for the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Actually, since this is a VeeDub it would be have to be the Bratmobile, which could conceivably lead to some legal issues with DC should people confuse it with the Batmobile, but we’re getting off-topic. The point here is that a massive tree virtually bisected this poor, unsuspecting Kombi in Brazil, but it just kept right on living.




According to the Facebook post above, nobody was in the van when the world literally came crashing down. The tree did an excellent job of finding pretty much the exact midpoint of the plucky bus, and as the photos show, damage was extreme. It’s hard to believe anything running after such an impact, but as we can clearly see, this van doesn’t just run – it drives down the road as if the affliction is just a flesh wound. How can that be?


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Bus enthusiasts already know the answer, but for those less familiar with the inner workings of a Volkswagen T2c, the engine is in the back, along with the fuel tank and transmission. Up front, there’s pretty much just a steering axle, with a series of cables connecting the various controls to the necessary bits in the back. All these components run beneath the van, which in this case also includes hoses for the water-cooled engine. It would seem the tree severed none of those connections, because it seems drive pretty darned well.

We hope this van gets some kind of quirky rebuild, because let’s be honest – it’s not every day a car gets smashed by a tree then drives home to talk about it. Wear that scar with pride, faithful VeeDub.

Source: Santa Catarina em FoTos via Facebook, RedditYouTube


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