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[UPDATE]  Turns out the photo is a fraud. The original photo can be seen here. Unfortunately, we've been running into "misrepresented" photos lately....

Reports out of India suggest that development of the long-rumored Chevrolet Cruze Wagon may be well underway.  The wagon was spied by one of's readers, and published on their site.

A comparison of this photo with a picture showing the full length of the Cruze Sedan shows many similarities.  The windshield rake looks almost identical, with the roofline peaking at the same point over the b-pillar.  The shape of the front side window, front door, side sills, and wheels looks very comparable.  A change in the rear door, and rear side windows would be expected to match the added length, but the rear light cluster and rear bumper matches up pretty close.

It is also important to note that the car in the photograph shares a similar shape with the 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon, although the CTS is about 260 mm longer.  GM serves as the parent company to both Cadillac and Chevy.

If Chevy does build a Cruze Wagon, there is no guarantee it would be available worldwide.  The Cruze is in production in China, India, Russia, and South Korea, with three more plants (Australia, Thailand, U.S.) adding production next year.  Chevy is building the car globally to more easily offer modified versions to fit local markets, including the five-door hatch to be sold in Australia as a Holden.

Market launch of the Cruze lineup began earlier this year in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe.  It will appear in North America beginning this spring.  The car was also formally launched in the Indian market earlier today.

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