But only the M2, M4, and M8 CSL have been registered internationally.

BMW decided almost a year ago to take legal measures and register the M1 CS through M8 CS monikers with the World Intellectual Property Organization. A new check on the official WIPO website now shows it has done just about the same thing with the CSL designation. However, we should point out that not all of the trademarked CSL nameplates have the same status. While all of them have trademark protection in Germany, only the M2 CSL, M4 CSL, and M8 CSL names have been registered internationally.

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Also important to consider is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily mean all of these will eventually become badges on a production car, so don’t hold your breath for an M1 CSL just yet. Car manufacturers as well as other types of companies decide to register names from time to time for the sole purpose of keeping them to themselves without having to worry that a rival company might snatch them up. At least one of these trademarks will be put to good use in the foreseeable as BMW will likely launch an M2 CS special edition as early as next year to follow its bigger brother, the M4 CS.

The CS-badged models are expected to sit between the standard M versions and the top-of-the-range Coupe Sport Light (CSL), with the latter set to act as a replacement for GTS cars. BMW M boss, Frank Van Meel, has already revealed future CSL cars “[will be] the top-of-the-line track tool, made on the track for the track, just with a number plate.” A major difference between the two types of versions will be represented by the number of seats, with the CS models to come with four whereas the CSL will have just two to shave off weight.

The man in charge at M has also admitted that while the CS cars will still be track-oriented, these are going to be more comfortable than their hardcore CSL counterparts. It’s unclear at this point when BMW will officially resurrect the Coupe Sport Leichtbau, which hasn’t been in use for more than a decade since the demise of the M3 CSL limited to only 1,400 examples.

Note: 2018 BMW M2 CS unofficial render pictured.

Source: Bimmerpost

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