Pictures and details of the new Honda EV-N all-electric concept urban commuter inside.

Old meets new with the official introduction of the Honda EV-N all-electric concept car.  Looking like an odd, futuristic cross between a classic Fiat 500 and a classic Mini Cooper, the EV-N creates a "fun, easygoing relationship between person and car," (whatever that means).

Despite the tiny size, the battery-powered car is a four-seater.  Rear seats may be folded down to provide storage space.  Helping to keep the battery charged is a solar panel placed in the roof.

The 105-second video shows the close-cropped car from multiple angles, with some focus given to the vehicle's lighting unique.  Fabric options range from standard red, to a tartan-plaid blue, and checkered yellow.  These can be swapped out whenever, and wherever, the owner feels like it, guaranteed to satisfy any cosplay schoolgirl.

Battery charge information is displayed on the vehicle's "grille," with more information provided to let others on the road know if the car is going to stop, start, or turn.  The driver stays up-to-date on the system status thanks to well-placed in-dash screen.

Frighteningly, Honda wants people to drive this car "in the same carefree way they talk to friends on a mobile phone or listen to tunes on a music player."  This seems like a very, very bad idea.

However, the Honda EV-N concept seems like a good theory as to the future of small, inner-city commuter vehicles.

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