The droptop version will be joined by hotter S and R derivatives.

After a multi-year hiatus, TVR is officially back in business with the Griffith set to serve as foundation for several other versions that will join the coupe in the years to come. One of them is a convertible for which the groundwork has already been done, according to a reveal made recently by chairman Les Edgar in an interview with Auto Express. It likely means the droptop is next in line to hit the streets, though that won’t happen for a while as first the reborn British sports car marque will focus on putting the standard Griffith on the road.

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Someone with Photoshop skills has decided to see into TVR’s future and chop off the coupe’s roof to create a convertible. By the looks of it, this more of a targa shape featuring removable panels rather than a conventional cabrio with an electrically foldable top. Call it what you want, there’s no denying the speculative digital design exercise is quite fetching.

TVR won’t stop with the cabriolet as the Griffith family will further expand within the next 10 years with hotter S and R versions destined to be offered in both body styles. There are also rumors of a slightly longer version of the coupe with a stretched wheelbase to accommodate a 2+2 interior cabin layout.

Gallery: 2018 TVR Griffith

But until then, the coupe is going to be in the spotlight, complete with a naturally aspirated V8 engine sending 500 horsepower to the rear wheels in a sports car that will have an ideal 50:50 weight distribution. Its Mustang GT-sourced 5.0-liter unit optimized by Cosworth will be paired to a six-speed manual transmission to the delight of purists.

Customer deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2019 and the first 500 cars are part of a Launch Edition available for around $118,000. The subsequent variants will be both cheaper and more expensive, depending on the amount of standard equipment included.

Render: Evren Milano / Facebook

Gallery: TVR Griffith convertible render

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