More psychedelic camouflage has been shed by the 2010 BMW 5 Series as our spy pictures reveal. We can now see the front grille, fog lights and wheels quite clearly.

A couple of BMW executives have described the upcoming BMW 5 Series to WCF as probably the most beautiful BMW of our time. More and more the black and white psychedelic camo is being set aside so its' only a matter of time before these subjective claims are proven or shattered. These latest spy pictures show the car with an undisguised front grille, fog lights and new aluminium wheels. The headlights, wavy bonnet lines and taillights show clear relations with both the 3 and the 7 Series.

When the Fiver goes on sale in 2010 it will set the tone for a number of new BMW engines. Yes there will be the usual 3.0-litre straight six types, both petrol and diesel. And yes the 300kW (408hp) 4.4-litre twin turbo V8 is a definite for the 550i at least. But the bottom end should be most interesting because of rumours about new four-cylinder petrol turbo engines coming to the fore. The new ActiveHybrid system used in the X6 and 7 Series may also be installed in the 5.

As is normally the case expect to see Touring (wagon) and xDrive AWD models in the lineup.

Not much is known about the interior but it's safe to say an evolution of the 7er and the 5 Series GT would be an accurate picture. That means the stylish plastic gear knob found in automatic transmissions and the updated iDrive system will be included.


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