Honda CEO Takanobu Ito has confirmed that the Honda CR-Z will be released in the beginning of 2010.  The product rollout will start in Japan this coming February, followed by a full-scale release across Europe and North America.

Although shown in Tokyo as having a rear seat, the American version will be a two-seater, according to a press release sent out by American Honda Motor Co.  Designed with the idea of "low, short, and wide," the CR-Z Concept shows sportier lines than the Honda Insight.

It is unclear if the Japanese and European versions will only be available as a two-seater.  The North American market debut will take place in the "second half of 2010," according to the statement.

"We plan to launch a production automobile based on the CR-Z Concept 2009," Ito told a gathered audience at the Tokyo Motor Show.  The CR-Z Concept 2009 is a hybrid powered by a 1.5-liter petrol i-VTEC engine and the IMA "highly efficient Honda hybrid system."  The company claims it is the world's first hybrid built with a six-speed manual transmission.

The production model of the 2010 Honda CR-Z will go on display at the NAIAS in Detroit next January.

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