... by towing Margot Robbie's house.

It appears there is a record nowadays for just about everything you could ever imagine. A quick look on the Guinness World Records’ page on Facebook shows someone has managed to set a record for the heaviest carrot, weighing in at a whopping 22.44 pounds (10.17 kilograms). Nissan will soon add its name to the growing list of record setters thanks to the e-NV200 van, which has claimed the world record for the heaviest tow by an electric vehicle. Or so they say.

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It did that in an unconventional way by towing the high-tech house of the stunning Australian actress Margot Elise Robbie. That being said, checking out the specs sheet of the latest e-NV200 shows the electric van has a maximum trailer capacity of just 430 kilograms (948 pounds), which is not what you would call impressive. Not only that, but the house definitely weighs more than that and there’s also the trailer upon which it sits to consider.

For now, Nissan says it’s a non-homologated record, so I guess we will have to wait until it will get the stamp of approval from Guinness, unless this was, of course, merely a publicity stunt. Needless to say, that part of the video during which Margot Robbie drives here shiny new Nissan Leaf off the trailer while it was in motion is as real as the Easter Bunny.

Record aside, the updated e-NV200 benefits from a 40-kWh battery pack that has increased range between charges by 60 percent to 174 miles (280 kilometers) or 62 miles (100 km) more than its predecessor, as per the New European Driving Cycle. It will be available in Europe before the end of the year and is going to be powered by an electric motor rated at 109 hp (80 kW) and an instant torque of 187 pound-feet (254 Newton-meters), so just like before.

Source: Nissan

Gallery: Nissan e-NV200 sets world record for heaviest tow by an EV

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  • Nissan sets out to turn White Van Man into Green Van Man
  • New advanced battery gives drivers 100km extra range, offering 280km*on a single charge
  • Designed to help improve air quality in city centres all over Europe

OSLO, Norway (Oct., 2. 2017) – Nissan, the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer has today announced its new longer range, zero-emissions van that goes further than ever on a single charge.

The new 40kWh battery for the 100% electric e-NV200 offers a 60% extended range of up to 280km (174miles) NEDC[1]. And, with no increase in size of the battery itself, customers will face no compromise in either load space or payload. Crucially, it can help make 100% electric last miles delivery achievable for businesses and professional drivers everywhere, with customers now able to drive more than 100 km (62 miles) further on a single charge.

The new longer range e-NV200 was unveiled today at Nissan Futures 3.0 in Oslo, Norway – Europe’s Green Capital for 2019. As well as helping business customers enhance their green credentials, the van represents a key pillar in Nissan’s wider commitment to cutting the level of CO2 emissions in city centres caused by professional drivers making deliveries and/or collections.

Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe, said: ‘With its longer range and excellent cargo capacity, the new e-NV200 is the perfect last mile delivery solution for urban deliveries and collections. Given the huge impact that business deliveries/collections and professional drivers have on air quality and traffic congestion, especially in city centres, helping cut the level of CO2 emissions they create is a vital part of creating a more sustainable future.’

He added: ‘The world is going electric, which means re-thinking pretty much everything we know about driving, commuting and powering our lives. But to make that future viable, we must create a fully electric ecosystem that enables modern life to be cleaner, safer and more connected for everyone. Smarter, better 100% electric vehicles like the new e-NV200 are at the heart of that ecosystem – now and for generations to come.’

The new e-NV200 equipped with upgraded 40kWh battery will be available to order before the end of 2017.

[1] Subject to final homologation process


Margot Robbie takes the wheel for new Nissan sustainability projects at Nissan Futures 3.0

OSLO, Norway (Oct., 2. 2017) – From flat screens to smartphones, home energy storage to smart cars, the world is turning electric. Yet still around 1.3 billion people live without access to the power the rest of us take for granted. So, actor Margot Robbie is teaming up with Nissan to help change this.


At the third Nissan Futures event in Oslo, Margot announced three new Nissan sustainability pilot projects that aim to harness the skills, ingenuity and experience of Nissan’s global workforce to target the vital areas of energy access and disaster relief.


To launch the projects, she created a new short film about her role as a Nissan Electric Vehicle Ambassador.


Margot Robbie says: ‘The world is going electric, but the sad fact is that so many people around the world still don’t have access to a reliable source of electricity at all. Projects like the ones Nissan has announced today have the potential to make a genuine difference to people’s lives and help build a cleaner, safer, fairer future for everyone.’


Each of the projects will be piloted in 2018, and carefully assessed. Where they prove to be beneficial, Nissan will then look to expand them. The company will be reporting on progress throughout the year.


These three pilot projects set out to harness the power of the electric battery far beyond the car and will focus on communities identified as being most at risk or in need. These will include:


  • Building a micro-grid system that will provide a power source for local communities in a developing country who don’t have sustainable access to energy. This will give residents better access to basic needs like education and healthcare.


  • Working with local municipalities in Europe to apply the principles of the Nissan Electric Ecosystem to those who most need it. This includes equipping a residential building with a solar power system, Nissan xStorage, vehicle-to-grid technology and new Nissan LEAFs for car-sharing.


  • Partnering with organisations in areas most likely to be affected by natural disasters to uncover ways Nissan people and technologies can help. For example, a Nissan    e-NV200 van equipped with battery packs could be used as a mobile, sustainable back-up energy source in the event of a major power cut, energy disruption or off-grid event.


Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe, says: ‘With a rapidly rising, urbanising global population, problems like access to energy, climate change, and poor air quality all risk getting worse rather than better – unless the world does something to address them. It’s great to have someone with Margot’s passion and profile on board to help us start bringing power and mobility to people in a sustainable and equitable way.’