Volkswagen chosen as the official supplier of vehicles to this years Olympic Games being held in China

Not content with being the largest foreign Motor Car Company in China, Volkswagen has been announced as the official supplier of vehicles to the 2008 Olympic Games. The Volkswagen Group have a 17% share of the Chinese market and amazingly, China represents Volkswagen’s second largest market in the world only lagging their homeland market in Germany. Their volumes have mainly come from fleet deals to taxi companies and government orders but they also import more premium models such as the Touareg and Phaeton.

Sealing the deal to become the Olympic Games chief vehicle supplier should allow Volkswagen to penetrate even further into China’s rapidly expanding buying public. As part of the run up to the opening event in 2 months time, Volkswagen will accompany the Olympic torch across China.

Speaking at the official announcement in Beijing, Dr. Winfried Vahland, President & CEO Volkswagen Group China said: “This relay shall be recorded in the Olympic history as the torch relay with the longest duration and involving the widest geographical areas and the largest number of participants. As such it is a great honour for Volkswagen to have been chosen as the official supplier. Vehicles are an integral part of the torch relay which are necessary to make this great event happen. Our vehicles will be permanently involved. It is a pleasure to be involved in this relay. It stands for peace and friendship. We will do everything we can make this the greatest torch relay ever,”

The full range of Volkswagens will be available during the event including Skodas and Audis and the total will number up to a 1000 vehicles.

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