Well, that didn’t take too long. After waving goodbye to Volvo in order to become a standalone brand, Polestar is now on the verge of introducing its very first model. A series of small teaser images have been published by the company on its official Instagram account and these will eventually form a puzzle when the car in question is going to be revealed in full on October 17. By the looks of it, we are dealing with a coupe, a stylish one at that.


Details about the car are not available at this point, so we don’t even know whether this is a concept or a production model. It might have a few things in common with the rather lovely Volvo Concept Coupe, which despite being shown more than four years ago, it hasn’t aged at all and still looks quite fetching. There were some rumors about it going into production, but it never happened. Maybe it will finally have a road-going correspondent taking the shape of a Polestar? Time will tell.

Polestar teaser
2013 Volvo Concept Coupe

A Volvo enthusiast on the SwedeSpeed forums has noticed there are exactly 60 pieces in the puzzle, which could be a sign of a model badged something along the lines of “C60,” though this is pure speculation at the moment of writing. Speaking of rumors and gossip, latest intel suggests Polestar is plotting a high-performance coupe with as much as 600 horsepower wrapped up in a lightweight body making extensive use of carbon fiber. This could be it.

It’s unclear what sort of powertrain will be able to deliver that impressive output, but there is a distinct possibility it will receive a heavily upgraded specification of the T8 hybrid setup available in the big Volvos from the “90” series and also in the new XC60.

You can individually check out all of the puzzle pieces by accessing the source link below:

Source: Polestar Cars / Instagram

Gallery: 2013 Volvo Concept Coupe

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