Christian Horner has played down new rumours that Interlagos winner Mark Webber is set to be pushed aside to Red Bull's junior team for 2010.

The Australian has signed a deal to race in formula one with the energy drinks company for next year, and was recently confirmed as Sebastian Vettel's ongoing teammate at premier outfit Red Bull Racing.

But that was before Kimi Raikkonen came onto the market to make way for Fernando Alonso at Ferrari, sparking talks between the Finn's management and Red Bull.

Insiders have remarked that the newly 30-year-old would be a perfect fit with the drinks company's image, while others suspect the talks are merely a bargaining tool to up the size of his retainer at preferred 2010 employer McLaren.

But it has also been rumoured that a seat for Raikkonen could indeed be cleared, with Webber theoretically moving aside to assist Toro Rosso as Red Bull's second team becomes a full car constructor.

"That's a rumour that does not exist within our team," Red Bull Racing boss Horner said in Brazil last weekend.

"We all know where we stand with Mark next year, and he does too. He's a great team player, we're very happy with his performance, so there is no doubt that Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber will be our race drivers next year," the Briton added.