The rugged work truck has been upgraded into a luxury rig.

The Toyota Hilux is not a luxury truck by nature. On the market in its current form since 2015, the small pickup has gone through a number of evolutionary changes since its inception, granted, but it takes an aftermarket specialist to truly transform it from a work vehicle into a luxurious off-road rig. Enter Carlex.

Carlex has been working its aftermarket magic vehicles for more than a decade, putting its signature touches on everything from the Mercedes G-Class to the Yamaha V-Max 1700. The shop’s latest built, this handsome and rugged Toyota Hilux, follows the same luxurious styling synonymous with the brand.

Carlex Toyota Hilux

On the exterior, a custom body kit has been fitted, fabricated using advanced "plastic technology,” says the company. The kit includes a new front and rear bumpers, spoiler, arch extensions, sills, lamp insets, and a hood cover. The entire package is wrapped in an aggressive wrap, and complimented by capable BF Goodrich Terrain tires. An extended wheelbase and Pedders suspension lift-kit provides comfort and compatibility, on or off road.

In the cabin, the seats, dash, and steering wheel have been finished in a hand-stitched black leather upholstery. New rubber floor mats have also been added, as has a new audio system, soundproof doors, and a soft-close trunk.

Carlex Toyota Hilux
Carlex Toyota Hilux

"The task of Carlex Design was to prepare a complete project of exterior and interior design for chosen models of pickup vehicles," said the company in a statement. "This exceptional pickup truck combines what’s best about pickups: expressive exterior design in the form of a unique body kit and a number of off-road modifications, as well as a meticulously handcrafted interior."

No upgrades have been made to the engine. Power comes from a range of factory gas and diesel options, including a 4.0-liter V8 gas engine, and a 3.0-liter diesel V6, among others. Carlex doesn’t say how much the package will cost on top of the base Hilux, but if you have to ask...

Source: Carlex

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