Mitsubishi’s move to more SUVs and less sports car is disheartening, to say the lest, The Japanese marque once famous for vehicles like the Eclipse, the Evo, and most notably, the 3000GT, now has succumbed to a life of mainstream crossovers and hybrid powertrains, all in the name of profit. But who needs profit anyways? This is what Mitsubishi should be building instead of SUVs.

Our artists have digitally imagined a 3000GT – or GTO – that looks like it could join the Mitsubishi lineup today. Granted, it’s a far cry from the original, which was built from 1990-2000, but it remains an interesting idea nonetheless.

The rendering is highlighted by a polarizing front fascia, which keeps in line with the rest of the Mitsubishi range. A pronounced lower grille, sleek, sculpted headlights, and new wheels give the sports car a more futuristic look. Apart from a few defining features, like louvers located on the front bumper and side sills, the rendering does little to conjure the classic. Though, we wouldn’t mind seeing on the road either way.

Gallery: Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept teaser

Cool as the concept may be, don’t expect to see anything like this in the Mitsubishi anytime soon. With the recent arrival of the Eclipse Cross, and the upcoming e-Evolution concept (pictured above) slated for debut in Tokyo, the brand is moving forward with its SUV onslaught.

The new e-Evolution concept when it debuts will come powered by a trio of electric motors – one powering the front wheels, and another two powering the rear axles. Power will be sent to all four wheels, naturally, and will benefit from electronically controlled torque vectoring. Mitsubishi also says it has implemented an “Artificial Intelligence” system with sensors and camera that can read road conditions.

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