That's what happens when you don't pull the handbrake or you have really bad rear brakes.

Neighbors. Don’t you just love them? Especially on a Saturday morning when they feel like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from the 1990s Home Improvement sitcom and decide to do some really noisy DIY work around the house. It usually happens exactly when your sleep is the sweetest. It’s like they somehow know that.

In this day and age when almost all households have at least one car, available space in front of the house or apartment building becomes a problem, as it was the case here. As you can see, the attached footage is being played on a phone while another phone is recording. The protagonists are: a 23-year-old bodybuilder, his aunt, and a second-generation Opel Corsa. The blue supermini belongs to one of the neighbors from across the street and was intentionally parked in front of the aunt’s black car (any idea what it is?) as an act of revenge following a month-long parking dispute.

According to the video’s description on YouTube, the aunt decided to call her nephew to try and find a solution to the unexpected “road block.” Muscle man Hakan Acar aka “The Tulk” as a nod to Turkish Hulk decided to take matters into his own hands. And we mean that literally. He simply picked up the Corsa B and pushed it to clear the path for his aunt’s car, losing his slippers in the process.

Hilarity ensues around the 0:23 mark when the aunt wipes her hands as if she was the one who moved the car. An Astra J police car drives by just a few seconds later, likely without noticing the bodybuilder’s muscle demonstration helped by the fact the old Corsa didn’t have the hand brake pulled or it simply had crappy rear brakes.

While we certainly don’t condone such behavior, at least it didn’t end up with smashed windows and dented body panels...

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