Toyota continues to keep the next-generation Auris under heavy camouflage, but at least the latest test mule loses the hideous lights and yellow cladding from the last one (below). The company would reportedly use this platform for the future version of the Corolla, so these photos provide some clues about it, too. 


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While the latest test mule likely has some of the production body panels, but it’s hard to tell what’s final because Toyota covers the entire vehicle with countless strips of black tape. There appears to be cladding for hiding the model’s shape underneath, especially on the hood, front bumper, and hatchback.

From what’s visible here, the Auris appears to gain stylish, narrow headlights. The steeply raked windshield and similarly arched hatchback also give the vehicle a sleeker appearance.

Toyota Auris Corolla Spy Shots

Expect the Corolla to have a stylish front end, too. The designers would need to graft a trunk onto the rear, though. Ideally, they would be able to keep the sleek appearance of this Auris even with a different back end.

The Auris and Corolla would likely move to Toyota’s TGNA modular platform, which is underneath the latest Camry, C-HR, and Prius. The engines are a complete mystery, though. Rumors suggest the models could begin using BMW-sourced powertrains, and there would likely be a hybrid in the lineup.

The Auris could debut as soon as next year, but there might be a longer wait for the new Corolla – at least in North America. Toyota already confirms that its $1.6 billion joint factory with Mazda in the United States would build the next-gen Corolla, and that plant should be operational in 2021. In addition, the company is investing $373.8 million into the U.S, including some of that money for supporting the TGNA platform at more plants.

The Corolla nameplate celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. Since then, Toyota has delivered over 44 million of them across 11 generations.

Source: Carpix

Gallery: Next-Gen Toyota Auris Corolla Spy Shots

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