Sometimes, you just have to sit down and ask yourself what the hell am I doing? We’re car people, so we get the urge to create, and fabricate, and find ways to be unique. When it comes to Mustangs, being unique is all but impossible because let’s face it – Mustangs reproduce faster than rabbits and pretty much everything has been done already. And while Lamborghini Gallardos aren’t for sale on every mom-and-pop lot in America, there were still over 14,000 built during the car’s 10-year run. So for those strange individuals who ever wondered what a bastardized fusion of Mustang and Gallardo would look like, we present the Mustdardo. 


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That’s actually not the car’s real name. Australia’s Car Advice reminds us that this is actually called The Tractorri, and it was built some time ago. The car is in fact a 2007 Ford Mustang, but the running gear is all Lamborghini. Yes, that means the V-10 is mid-mounted, with power going to all four wheels. For good measure, the Gallardo’s interior also made the transition, and the result is, well, interesting. If the goal was to build a Mustang that actually was unique, all we can say is mission accomplished.

As you can imagine, a considerable amount of elbow grease went into making this American/Italian alliance happen. Considerable work was done to the Mustang’s chassis so it could accept having an engine where the back seat and trunk would usually be. From the front it looks like just another custom Mustang, but the rear captures much of the Gallardo’s chunky backside, and not in the most flattering of ways.

This wasn’t some backyard project, either. The level of detail on this build is truly world class, which is why it was on display at SEMA way back in 2007. It’s changed owners since then, and though we don’t have current info on its whereabouts, we suspect it’s still just as polarizing now as it was back in the day.

Source: Car Advice


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