Given the rising values of air-cooled Porsches, even a decent, driver-quality 356 generally carries a mid-five-figure price, and costs can quickly crest well over $100,000 for more desirable versions. Stärke’s line of Revolution Speedsters offers an alternative by using the far more readily available Porsche Boxsters, specifically examples from 1997 to 2012, to create a look like its classic forbear.

Stärke Revolution Speedster CS

Stärke’s shop in Scottsdale, Arizona, does an impressive job making the Boxster look like the 356 Speedster. The model gains classic cues like the rounded design, circular headlights, and wheels inset into the body. The intakes in the rear fenders don’t appear on the vintage Porsches, but they look good here. The company builds each Speedster to order, so clients are free to specify their exact color preferences. 

Inside, Stärke mixes retro and modern elements. The cabin is simple, and clients are free to select the upholstery and trim colors. An infotainment screen on the center stack still allows for conveniences like navigation. Buyers can also spec the color for the convertible top.

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Stärke’s conversions generally leave the powertrain alone, which means there’s no concern with parts availability in the future. However, customers can spec upgrades like the XR57 3.7-liter flat-six engine with 375 horsepower and 350 pound-feet fo torque. Most models use a fiberglass to replace the stock panels, but Stärke also offers them in carbon fiber as an option.

The least expensive version of the Revolution Speedster is the CS (Classic Series) that starts at 59,950 after the owner supplies a donor Boxster for the conversion. This model is the most retro looking option, too, especially with the polished bumpers and bright metallic trim. These parts are also available in black or body color

Stärke Revolution Speedster Outlaw

For clients that prefer a more performance-oriented look, the Revolution Speedster Outlaw (above) goes for $79,950. It fits a wide-body version of the retro-inspired kit and includes a set of Bilstein adjustable coilovers.

Stärke Revolution Speedster SC

At $79,950, the Revolution Speedster SC is a blend of vintage and modern. It uses the same widebody kit as the Outlaw but rides on a set of 19-inch wheels that really fill the fenders.

The Stärke Revolution Speedster Carbon Fiber Outlaw sits at the top of the range for $149,950. It comes standard with the lightweight body and the more powerful XR57 engine. Inside, buyers also find carbon fiber trim throughout the cabin. 

Plenty of firms offer Porsche Speedster replicas that retain the original air-cooled engine setup and relatively simple chassis layout. By offering more modern components, Stärke’s alternative could be an attractive choice for clients that don’t want to lose so many modern amenities. 

Source: Stärke

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