Ducati remains safe as a part of the Volkswagen Group family. IG Metall, the labor union representing organized employees at the automotive giant, sided with the motorcycle brand’s workers in Italy to protect VW Group from selling two-wheeled brand.

“IG Metall sustained and helped Ducati workers in their request to remain inside the VW Group, which should keep investing in our company,” Bruno Papignani, regional head of Italy’s FIOM CIGL union, told Bloomberg as cited by Automotive News Europe.

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There were allegedly at least five bidders negotiating to buy Ducati, according to Automotive News Europe, and rumors put Harley-Davidson among the interested parties. Final bids for the motorcycle were due in October, so the labor unions narrowly avoided VW Group selling off the two-wheel-focused company. Experts anticipated VW could have raised as much as $1.8 billion (1.5 billion euros) for the firm. 

Ducati has been part of the VW Group family since 2012. Neither company ever officially published the sale price, but Audi allegedly paid 837 million euros (the equivalent of $1.1 billion at the time) for the motorcycle business.

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Rumors have gone back and forth about the possibility of VW Group selling Ducati, along with the Scania and Man commercial brands. The company was reportedly looking at ways to raise funds after the expensive Dieselgate scandal.

While the VW supervisory board and the company’s labor unions supported keeping Ducati, group CEO Matthias Müller wasn’t necessarily so keen on the idea of keeping the brand. In early September, he told The Wall Street Journal: “The list [of asset disposals] has not been put away on the shelf. But we’re not going to let anyone tell us which decision to make.”

Source: Automotive News Europe

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